Faculty Personal and Academic Profile

Faculty Department Computer Science and Engineering(CS) (CSE CS)
Faculty Name Dr. P. Srinivas
Professional Email pillasrinivas@mrec.ac.in
Personal Email srinivasp3@gmail.com
Registration Number 9475-221215-142819
Teaching / Work Experience
Working as Head of Department in CSE-Cyber Securiy
Teaching Achievements
Current Designation Assoc Professor
Area of Specialization Machine Learning
Joining Date 23-01-2023
Total Experience in this Institution 6 Months
Total Experience in other Institutions 16 Years
Specialized Skills
UG Qualifications B.Sc Graduation Year, University
Andhra University
PG Qualifications M.Tech Graduation Year, University
2007, Andhra University
Any Other PG Qualifications M.Sc Graduation Year, University
2006, Andhra University
PhD Qualifications Completed Graduation Year, University
2022, Lincoln University college,Malaysia